Information Crises and Opportunities – 2011: an agenda of structural change

The overall goal of Crisis and Opportunities is to identify in the global crisis the opportunities to promote discussions aimed at broader issues, seeking to organize the financial intermediation and funding flows to respond in a balanced means to the economic needs, but above all, enabling to envisage the challenges of inequality and environmental sustainability at the national, regional and global levels.

» Click here to read the position paper “Crises and Opportunities in Changing Times”, produced by Crises and Opportunities’ scientific coordination as a starting point for our discussions in Salvador World Social Forum (file in .doc – 20 pages)

» Click here to read the brochure with the main supporting texts that guided our discussions in the Thematic World Social Forum in Salvador (January 2010) (document in .pdf, 64 pages)

Organization and Contact

The organizing committee is responsible for the blog administration and for the centralization of contacts between participants. Our individual and collective e-mails are available below:

Organizing committee   criseoportunidade@utopia.org.br
Alessandro Melo   alessandro@paulofreire.org
Luana Vilutis   luana@paulofreire.org
Sofia Dowbor   sdowbor@gmail.com
Instituto Paulo Freire
Rua Cerro Corá 550, 05061-100, São Paulo, SP
Telefone: 3021-5536



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